Reservation Policies

Effective June 1, 2010
1. Reservations: Due to the overwhelming number of members utilizing the 8 courts at Indian Hills, all members will have five (5) days in advance to reserve a court. Individual league matches will still have a maximum of two (2) hours and all other reservations will have a maximum of one and a half (1.5) hours. No member or team may reserve more court time online or through the Pro Shop than stipulated without prior approval from the Tennis Staff. Members may continue playing if no one shows up to claim their court.
Please Note: It is essential that players in individual league matches such as T2, K-Swiss, etc. reserve their courts for 2 hours and start on time. Please limit your warm ups to 10 minutes. If a match is not over at the end of the reserved time with the exception of ALTA/USTA team matches, members waiting have the right to take the court at the beginning of their reserved time, but as a courtesy, may allow a few more minutes to finish the match. Likewise, if a member is waiting to take a tennis lesson, the Tennis Staff has the right to take the court at the beginning of the reserved time. Members who run out of time and do not finish their match may reserve another open court to complete their match.

2. Check In Procedures: One person per court, whether from a team or individual reservation, will need to check in the Pro Shop prior to their reserved court time to verify their court usage. This can be done in person or by calling the Pro Shop at 770-971-7663 or 770-971-2605. After Pro Shop hours, check in will be with the Receptionist at the Front Desk at 770-971-2605. Failure to do so may result in the court being claimed by another member, a "No Show" fee of $15, and the loss of reservation privileges.

3. Guest Fees: The daily guest fee will be $8 for all non-league playing guests. When reserving a court online or with the Pro Shop, please provide the number of guests in your group. Members will be responsible for paying all applicable guest fees at the time of check in. Exception: Members are not responsible for paying guest fees when playing ALTA, USTA, or T2 type league matches.
All League Playing Teams will have the option of opting out of food and paying $20 per guest per person/match.

4. Grace Period: All pre-reserved team practices and individual reservations will be held for fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled time. (i.e. 7:15 PM for a 7:00 PM reservation). If no one from the original reservation checks in within the (15) minute grace period, then the court may be claimed by another member after following the proper check in procedures.

5. Team Procedures: Each Captain or Co-Captain will be responsible for cancelling any unneeded practice courts at least 24 hours in advance of their pre-reserved practice time. This will require team members to confirm their weekly practice attendance with enough notice to allow their captain the chance to properly release any unneeded courts.
All practicing ALTA teams will need a minimum of 4 people to confirm their attendance to keep 1 court and a minimum of 8 people for 2 courts.
 All USTA teams will need a minimum of 4 people will need to confirm their attendance to keep 1 court and 6 people for 2 courts.
 Teams who have enough confirmed players for both practice courts, but end up having enough for only one court are responsible for cancelling their second practice court within 15 minutes of their scheduled start time.
In order to be fair to other members unable to reserve courts due to pre-reserved team courts, violating this policy may result in loss of one or more pre-reserved practice courts.

6. Cancellations:  As a courtesy to other members, please cancel your court reservation with the Pro Shop or Front Desk at the earliest possible time.

7. USTA/ALTA League Courts: These league matches are pre-reserved each season. Each team is allotted 2 courts and has the option of obtaining a third court if available by calling the Pro Shop the day before the scheduled match.

8. Walk-On Policy: All members are encouraged to reserve courts in advance. However, please be aware that members who walk on a court without a reservation may be bumped by an existing reservation.

9. Ball Machine Rental: The Ball Machine can be rented for thirty (30) minutes or one (1) hour on Court 5 during Pro Shop hours only. The cost is $8 for thirty (30) minutes and $15 for one (1) hour. Please check out and check in the control box, remote, and key in the Pro Shop before and after use. If you plan to play after using the ball machine, please try to reserve a different court. This will allow others the opportunity to access to ball machine as well. General usage directions are provided on the side of the Ball Machine. Please contact the Tennis Staff in advance if you would like first time assistance.
*Members may rent the ball machine for their children to use; however, children under the age of 18 must be under the supervision of the adult member for the entire rental period and be responsible for checking out and returning the equipment in the Pro Shop as well.

10. Demo Program: Members may check out one of our Wilson or Prince Demo Racquets that are available in the Pro Shop. Racquets must be signed out and checked back in at the Pro Shop desk before and after use in the Demo Log Book located behind the counter.  Members have up to 3 days before the racquet is due back in the Pro Shop. This is a complimentary service.  Late fees are rare, but could be imposed if the racquet is not returned in a timely fashion.  If anyone needs assistance in determining which racquet is best suited for his/her game, please contact one of the Pros.
Please contact the Tennis Staff with any questions at 770-971-2605