Lessons & Clinics

All golf lessons are provided by PGA & LPGA Professionals, and are available to members of Indian Hills Country Club only. 

One-on-one instruction with a Golf Professional.

During a playing session, the student and the Golf Professional will play nine holes together. The Golf Professional will demonstrate various shots or techniques while on the course. The goal is to analyze the student's thoughts, decisions, and shot selection.

Two-to-four persons with one Golf Professional. The Golf Professional will work with all students on one area of the game - for example, the drive, sand shots, chipping, pitching, or putting.

This type of instruction can be requested for any group of ten or more people and may focus on any part of the game - for example the short game, the fundamentals, course etiquette and rules, or iron and wood play. The Golf Professional will demonstrate a shot or discuss etiquette, and the students will attempt the technique from the demonstration.